Saturday, December 4, 2010


I have no idea how December will shape up, but boy, was November cold and snowy! There was a snow storm in Seattle that led to the scariest and most trecherous commute home ever. Then a snow day home with the dogs. Then a snowy drive to Wenatchee for Thanksgiving and an even snowier and colder drive back home.

While a lot of it was a little scary, we all ended up safe and warm, so really, looking back I can say it was all pretty exciting too!

Snowy walk with Jack.

It was very cold, but you wouldn't know it by Jack's reaction. He couldn't have loved it more and refused to take time away from his SNOploration to look at the camera.

Snowy roads.

Ice waterfalls on the way to Wenatchee - I have always loved these!

More ice waterfalls - ice falls?

Beautiful snow covered woods at the top of the pass.


  1. As much as I am dying for some snow, I agree that driving in it can be pretty scary. Especially over the holidays. I hope whatever future snow you receive, it comes only at night when you are safe and sound inside.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  2. Gorgeous ice waterfall pics! I was just thinking about that this morning-- how fun it would be to have a white Christmas but how treacherous the drive to my mom's house would be...

  3. Oh wow I miss snow soooo much - even if driving in it can be a bit scary. It's just so beautiful and your photos are great!! I too LOVE the waterfall pics. Great photos as always Heather - thanks!

  4. @Kristine Yes, I would like some more snow, but only if I don't have to drive in it or work in it! :)

    @Ellie Oh, I wish you could have a White Christmas with your family too! :(

    @Kim Those ice waterfalls have always been my favorite. :)

  5. I love the ice waterfalls! It's a good thing winter is so darn pretty, because the cold is a real mood killer!

  6. @Brandi I totally agree. I love looking out on the scenery, as long as I'm in a nice warm car or house when I do it!