Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Trip to Snowflake Lane

Friday night I rushed home after work, walked and fed the dogs, and then rushed back out to downtown Bellevue. Joe and I were planning to meet a work friend of mine, Stacy, and her boyfriend, Jon, to watch Snowflake Lane. I was driving there and Joe was taking the bus from Renton. Well, it didn't work out quite like we hoped.

Traffic of course was crazy and I barely got parked and made it up to the street before the show started. There are thousands of people who come out for the show and I weaved my way through the crowds in search of my friend but never found her. And Joe was stuck on a bus in traffic and missed the whole thing. So, I watched the show by myself, but it was still amazing. :)

When the show ended, we all met up at the bar in Red Robin. Stacy, Jon and I had drinks and waited for Joe, who was stuck on the bus for an hour. Once he got there, we ordered some appetizers (happy hour started as soon as he arrived, so it was actually good timing), and we had a good time.

But seriously, Snowflake Lane this year has been hard to see! First, Joe had to miss out because he had to wait for a table at ZTejas while my mom and dad and I enjoyed the show. Then, we tried to go with friends but it was pouring down rain. Then we tried to go with other friends and never found each other. Crazy!

We're going to have to plan better next year.


  1. It's too bad you were stuck watching alone, but at least you didn't have to miss it completely! There is always next year...

  2. Lol it was crazy, I can't believe how many people there were! Next year we will have to go early December and mid-week!

  3. Maybe you should pretend it's black friday so you will be there hrs ahead of time ;-) Seriously, I'm sorry it didn't work out Heather as I'm sure you would have rather shared the experience with Joe. At least it sounds like you ended the night well with friends though. That must be some show to see!

  4. @Kristine I didn't mind watching it alone. It was still really beautiful!

    @Stacy Yes, mid-week might be a good plan for next year!

    @Kim haha, I should have been there much earlier, but I didn't want to leave work early. What an excuse that would be - "Sorry, boss, I have to go watch the drummer boys!"