Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Morning with Mom and Dad

On Sunday, we had Christmas morning with my parents. See, we are spending Christmas with Joe's family this year, so my parents decided to come up early to celebrate. And since my dad is leaving on a ten-week trip to California and Texas on Friday, this weekend was the chosen weekend. We pretended it was really Christmas - wishing each other Merry Christmas and opening presents. :)

First, the dogs got to open their presents. Since we have had the dogs, they have received presents. But until this year, they had never actually had any interest in opening them themselves. But Jackson was totally into it this year!

I think he thought he might be doing something wrong.

Ava required her servants to open hers. (Jackson ended up serving her, lol)

Then it was our time to open our presents.

Mom made me some amazing granola.

Jackson actually even helped my mom open her gift of two DVDs. :) (Yes, that is my mom's gift he has in his mouth. My mom thought it was soooo cute.)

And he helped Joe open his gift of an ipod dock.

I received a handsfree device for my phone. (I guess my mom got annoyed with me calling her all the time on the road, when it's illegal to do so.)

One of our gifts for my parents was tickets to the Gold Glass Cinemas in Redmond. And we headed there right away to watch the movie "The Next Three Days". (P.S. Super stressful movie. Seriously. But good.)

At the theater hanging out in the lobby.

Perusing the menu...

Kicked back, waiting for the movie to start.

Best. Theater. Ever.

My mom had to leave shortly after the movie ended, but it really was a great 'Christmas' morning. My dad, Joe and I all headed back home to relax. My dad left Monday morning.


  1. Merry Christmas!

    Those are incredibly plush movie seats!

  2. Yay for early Christmas! I hope you had a lot of fun celebrating with your parents. It's tough when you have to choose between two families.

  3. @Shauna Merry Christmas to you, too! And yes, it's the most comfortable theater ever!

    @Kristine I think it's just going to get tougher, too. But I'm glad I have parents who will make a point to celebrate with me when they can!

  4. How great - two Christmas days :-) I just love it when someone gives me something they made themselves and I'll bet that is great granola. Love the photos of Jackson and the one of you and your Mom in front of the fireplace! I used to go to a cinema like that but it didn't have such plush, relaxing seating. Great gift idea.

  5. @Kim The granola is awesome and is almost gone! I'll definitely have to get the recipe from her. Maybe I'll post it too. :)

  6. Wow that theater looks REALLY nice! I have been to the Big Picture Show there but never to that one; must go!

  7. @Ellie It's soooo nice, but you definitely pay for it. It's expensive! But definitely worth it every once in a while. :)