Friday, December 17, 2010

Five Favorites for Friday

1. Ada the Terminata
So, they don't allow you to copy any pictures off of The Biggest Loser site, but I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about. Ada won third place in The Biggest Loser competition. She was amazing. She had a lot of issues with her parents, but ended up being the most giving, considerate, selfless person AND the most hard-working and dedicated person. She was a machine, it was awesome to watch. And while she didn't win (Patrick won and I was so happy about that!), she definitely became America's sweetheart.

2. Large Dog Breeds
Meet Tovan (below). He is a Saint Bernard mix available for foster or adoption in Seattle. I *love* him and sent his picture and story to Joe with the subject line: "Can we foster (then adopt) this guy?" I am just obsessed right now with adding a big dog to the family. I think we should have one of each size - wouldn't that be adorable? It's good that I have a level-headed husband who reminds me that we have a tiny apartment, no yard, and no extra time to dedicate to a new dog. But someday.... (If you want to foster or adopt him, though, visit his Petfinder site!)

3. Pink
I'm not a big music person. I'm not the type of girl who loves going to concerts or freaks out about musicians. I like listening to music, I like dancing, but music usually doesn't make a huge impact in my life. But I *love* Pink. She has helped me through many a bad break-up and now that I'm happliy married and in love, I still love her crank-the-volume, dance-in-your-car, scream-out-the-lyrics songs. She rocks.

4. Flash Mobs
They are popping up everywhere! There was even one recently in Seattle that made Yahoo's front page. I have yet to see one in person, but I love the whole idea of it all. You're standing there minding your own business, and all of a sudden all these strangers around you break into song or dance. How cool would that be to experience?
5. Unconventional Christmas Songs
Oh wait, this was on last week's list as well! But I heard a few others this week and had to share.

First, The Maine's "Santa Stole My Girlfriend". It's this nice, slow, pretty song and then all of a sudden, they call Santa a bitch. Hilarious.

Next, did you know Gaga released a Christmas song? Yep!

So, do we share any favorites this week?


  1. I really want a large breed dog someday!


  2. Love big dogs! I want a Great Dane some day :)

  3. Okay, it's a good thing I don't live in Seattle because that dog would be coming home with me. I have wanted a Saint Bernard since I was a little kid. And Tovan is absolutely beautiful. Since my husband would tell me "go for it" regardless of our small house and lack of time, it is a very good thing I am on the other side of the continent. I am sure Tovan will find a much more suitable home in his area soon! How could he not?

    I too love Pink and unconventional Christmas songs.

    Three out of five! We could be sisters. ;-)

  4. Aww, that beautiful, hugable St. Bernard - I want him too!! I hope he gets a wonderful home soon! One day I also want a really big doggie. Hmmm, never heard about "flash mobs" but wish one would show up where I am one day - how fun would that be!

  5. I love Pink too- she's bad ass with heart. Fabulous combination! :)

  6. @Kari They just seem like so much fun! haha

    @Stacy I would love a Great Dane as well. Big goofy dogs!

    @Kristine Too bad you don't live here! If I can't have him, I would love for a friend to take him home!

    @Kim You should totally check out flash mobs on YouTube. They are a riot!

    @Shauna Pink definitely kicks ass. She's my idol. I wish I was that bad-ass. :)