Friday, December 10, 2010

Five Favorites For Friday

Okay, so it turns out that all my five things this week are related to Christmas. Go figure.

1. Kitty & Canine Holiday Blogger Gift Exchange
Joe and Ava signed up for this a few weeks ago, and they got paired with two sweet dogs in Indianapolis, Indiana! They sent their matches their gifts a couple days ago, and look forward to seeing what comes in the mail in the next week or so.

2. Snowflake Lane
You read about my first trip to Snowflake Lane with my parents. Joe and I plan to go a couple more times before it ends. It's just so much fun and such good energy. Everyone is so happy and singing along with the Christmas songs... and it's so fun watching the kids, who are just in awe of everything. We love it!

3. Christmas Tree on Top of the Space Needle
They put it up the day after Thanksgiving and it looks so cool. Every night when I drive home in the dark, it lights up the city skyline as I drive past and always makes me smile.

4. Traditional Christmas Songs
I have the "All I Want For Christmas is You" station set up on Pandora and I love listening to all the songs and thinking how 99% of people in the world know the lyrics to them. They are classic and just make Christmas. My favorites are It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, White Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Sleigh Ride.... okay, I love them all!

5. Unconventional Christmas Songs
You know, like Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah", The Waitresses' "Christmas Wrapping", and "Grandma Got Run Over by a Raindeer". I always find myself cranking the volume and signing at the top of my lungs when these come on. Below is a new one I just discovered by Simple Plan called "Christmas List."

Here are some the lyrics, because I think they are hilarious:

"Santa is coming tonight and I want a car, and I want a life, and I want a first class trip to Hawaii. I want a lifetime supply of skittles & slurpees and Eskimo pies. I want a DVD, a big screen TV."
"I want a girl in my bed who knows what to do, and a PlayStation 2. I want a shopping spree in New York City!"

haha, too funny.

What are your favorite things this week?


  1. Oh Heather, I love that you love Christmas time! I had to laugh that your "All I want for Christmas is you" video of course had dogs in it!

  2. I wanna go to Snowflake Lane! That looks incredible!

    Also- that Mariah song? TOTALLY means Christmas in my house. Love it!

  3. Love that song and video! Thanks for sharing. Fa la la la la

    That is so wicked they put a tree on top of the Space Needle. I never knew. Go Seattle!

  4. @Mom I didn't even realize that. Of course!

    @Shauna I was worried some people wouldn't think the Mariah song was 'traditional' Christmas, so glad you agree!

    @Kristine Yep, Seattle rocks. lol

  5. What about Elvis's Blue Christmas and Jingle Bell Rock. I love them too!

  6. I hope that the gifts are cute and the pups love them! Thank you so much for participating :)

  7. @Mom Those are awesome songs too - I love them all!

    @Hannah It was such a great idea - thanks for putting it on!

  8. I loved that gift exchange, we should do those more than once a year! Can't wait for Snowflake Lane!!

  9. @Ellie We should definitely look into other exchanges. So fun!