Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hurricane Honeymoon: Sunday Night & Monday

Sunday, October 10 & Monday, October 11, 2010

Our wedding was fabulous and soon I'll get up some of the many wonderful pictures my family and friends took during all the festivities. But for now, we'll have to start with the honeymoon. (Why we're calling it the "Hurricane Honeymoon" I'll get to in another post!)

For the night of our wedding, we chose to stay in a nice hotel in downtown Seattle - the Alexis. Although we were only there for about 9 hours total, it was worth it to be pampered in style that night! I would definitely recommend the Alexis. It's a nice hotel, so it's pricy, but it's amazing and dog friendly!

When we got to our room (a Spa Suite), we were greeted by a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and a welcome note from the hotel, congratulating us on our wedding. It was so nice!

So yummy - thanks Alexis!

The room was gorgeous - a long hallway leading to a nice big bedroom with an armoire, table and chairs, and lounge. It was simple and elegant. The bathroom had a huge jacuzzi that sat up high - you had to walk up a few stairs to it. A huge framed mirror took up the entire wall where the jacuzzi sat. Just gorgeous.

We ordered room service for dinner and opened the scarily-overpriced bottle of wine in the minibar. (Never would do that normally, but threw caution to the wind that night!) It was so fun and out-of-the-ordinary for us.

I refused to take off my wedding dress for the longest time, knowing I would never wear it again. I loved that dress and wanted the feeling to last as long as possible.

I'm hesitant to post the next picture, because when people see 'honeymoon' and then a bed, they think dirty thoughts, but I promise you that is *not* what was happening here. (I do keep some things private!!) But I love this picture because I think it's so pretty and I thought the bed was so pretty. :)

Love that dress! :)

We went to bed early, knowing we had a very early wakeup call to get to the airport on time. I had thought we were to get up at 3:30 a.m., but apparently, as I was fast asleep, my mother called Joe to tell him that the flight was actually an hour earlier than we thought, and that she'd need to pick us up an hour earlier. Joe didn't tell me that until we were on our way out of the hotel. That man woke me up at 2:30 in the morning that day after our wedding! The horror!

Anyway, both my mom and my dad picked us up to see us off at the airport. I asked them to bring the dogs as well, since I hadn't seen them since that previous Friday. I missed them! She agreed, so we were picked up by a full house!

We got to the airport and said our goodbyes, then grabbed our luggage to go. Ooops - Joe's backpack was missing! And his backpack had our passports in it! My mom had forgot to bring it along, so she and my dad jumped back in the car and rushed back to retrieve it. An hour later, they were back and we rushed to get checked in and get to our gate. (Joe loves to rub it in that it was a good thing we got up an hour earlier!)

We made it in plenty of time, so no worries there.

6 hours later we got off the plane in sunny Cancun, Mexico!


  1. Wow, that was a close call with the passports! "Hurricane Honeymoon" sounds ominous. Love the photo of you on the bed in your wedding dress - I can understand why you wanted to leave it on as long as possible. Look forward to hearing more :-)

  2. Thanks Kim! Hopefully I'll get more up today. :)