Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Filled Weekend

I interrupt our honeymoon recaps to tell you what we did this weekend.

So, I was reading one of my favorite blogs the other day (Enjoying the Small Things), written by someone I so admire, and she was explaining that there are two catagories in life - moments that fill and moments that fuel. And she said we all need to focus on the moments that fuel. The moments that fill us with happiness and love and make us enjoy every moment.

This weekend we continued a much-loved tradition and it definitely fell into the 'fuel' catagory. :)

First, we headed to a pumpkin patch to pick out our carving pumpkins. I had never visited a pumpkin patch until Joe and I moved to Maryland and that was the thing to do. And I loved it! And after that we decided to find a pumpkin patch each year. It was a little harder in Seattle. The nearest one we could find was in Snohomish, about 40 minutes away.

And even though it was a rainy day, and the pumpkin field was a muddy sloppy mess, we had a great time. And after browsing through all the pumpkins, we finally found the ones that felt right.

Muddy mess!

Scary corn field at the edge of the pumpkin patch. Yikes!

Our chosen pumpkins - My short fat one, Joe's tall thin one and a little one for the pups!

Corn dog and roasted corn to celebrate our pumpkin picks.

We got home around 5:00 and I made dinner and covered the living room floor with flat paper bags. Joe got out all the carving supplies and huge bowls for the 'guts'.

When dinner was done, we popped in the movie "Halloween" (this movie must accompany pumpkin carving to keep with the tradition) and we got started.

Joe looks so surprised in this picture.

The night's entertainment and the Dia de los Muertos scull we bought in Mexico.

Cleaning the pumpkin while watching the movie. Ava's wondering where she can lay down and still be close to me. She ended up curling up between me and the couch... it looked very uncomfortable.

The final products!

All lit up on our porch.

The movie ended, but we still had the final act to complete our tradition - roasting the pumpkin seeds! So we put in another movie (Stephen King's Carrie, which Joe had never seen) and got to work.

Ready to be roasted.

Everything turned out fantastic, like it always does. The pumpkins looked great and the seeds turned out delicious.

It was a happy day. A fueling day. And I love finding the fuel in life with my new husband!


  1. Focusing on the moments that fuel - excellent and I'll have to check out her blog. Heather, you always have such great photos to share. Love them. Wondering how the dogs liked the carved pumpkins once you were done - were they scared?

  2. Definitely check out her blog. You will be inspired! And the dogs could care less about the pumpkins. They were just happy that we were done so they could snuggle on the couch with us as we finished watching the movie. haha