Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hurricane Honeymoon: Tuesday

Tuesday, October 12

We woke up on our first full day in Cancun to beautiful weather. Just a smidge overcast with a nice breeze that actually made it the perfect temperature.

Taking in the view.

Joe got dressed:

Me: "You are NOT wearing that!"

We headed down for breakfast, went to the hotel store, bought some sun screen, and headed out to the beach chairs.

This is where we first met Ignacio the Iguana. We think iguanas are pretty cool and were so thrilled to see him hanging out by the pool. You will hear a lot about Ignacio. :) (Oh, and he isn't really named that. He's a wild iguana that we needed to name, and Ignacio seemed to fit. Yes, we probably missed our dogs. Sigh.)

Hello Ignacio!

We set up camp on these lounge chairs and I'm pretty sure we didn't move for about 8 hours.



Reading a book to the sound of ocean waves? That is my happy place.

The postcard-perfect picture Joe took. *love*

Joe read some too.

At some point we decided to get our lazy butts up and check out some other parts of the hotel. There was the ocean side and the lagoon side. The lagoon side was beautiful as well, but it just wasn't the pure bliss of the ocean. Plus, with so few people in the hotel, they didn't have anyone really manning that side of the hotel. We didn't really spend too much time on this side.

The lagoon.

Pool on the lagoon side.

Joe in the lagoon-side pool.

Cool waterfall.

We headed back up to our room to get ready for dinner.

View from our room.

Cute little towel dog.

Only then did we realized that we never put the sunscreen on and we were both burned to a crisp. Like, lobster style. It was such perfect weather that we never felt like it was that hot..... oh, but it was. :(

We stopped back by the hotel store, pretty embarrassed, to buy aloe for the burns.

I glow in this picture, and it doesn't even do the burn justice.

But, we felt better when we were given another amazing free honeymoon dessert!

Sampler. So so yummy.


  1. How pretty are those photos?! What a beautiful resort!

  2. It really was quite beautiful. I could have stared at that water all day. Oh wait, I did. :)

  3. Heather, your husband's (how does that sound?) shirt is kinda funny ;-) Beautiful place - lucky you. And aren't iguanas cool?!

  4. It is still surreal to see 'husband'. haha. But I like it. :) The shirt is yet another gift from my cousin, who insisted he had to have 'something' to keep his man card. haha