Thursday, October 28, 2010

Working Hard

I love my job. Seriously. It's so much fun. Not only do I get to spend much of my work day hanging out with the office dogs, but I get to focus on writing about pets all day. And everyone in my company loves to enter contests in an effort to get our name out there (and of course to potentially win cool stuff!). Yesterday, we entered a photo contest on Progresso Soup's Facebook page. Here is our entry:

Caption: Here at Trupanion, our canine colleagues always get the treats while we are left with nothing. You see? Our soup bowls are empty. We deserve treats too! And we loooove Progresso soup. Help us out?

Cute, huh?

(I'm at the far right, in the black coat, with my boss's dog, Safari.)


  1. Heather: what a great thing to be able to say you love your job, right? That's wonderful. I wish everyone could say that. It makes a big difference in how you live your life sometimes. Good for you!

  2. Absolutely! I spent a year at a job I hated before landing the job here and I feel so thankful every day.