Monday, October 25, 2010

Hurricane Honeymoon: Wednesday

Wednesday, October 13

We went to breakfast early to check out if there was any damage caused by the hurricane. We didn't see anything out of the ordinary and we found out that it wasn't really as bad as they expected - the hurricane turned sooner than expected and headed toward Cuba. Crisis averted. But we still think it's funny that there was a hurricane on our honeymoon. :)

When we came back from breakfast, our room had been cleaned and we were left this:

Aww.. so cute!

Of course we had to pose with it!

We then went back out to hit the beach. We walked the shore a little bit, picking up shells and checking out the other hotels. (We totally got the best beach of any hotel. Score!)

Nice white sandy beach...

The mist coming off of the ocean clouded our camera lens, so I totally look like a ghost in the next picture, but I still like it.

And that might be a glass of wine in my hand...

For my wedding shower, my cousin Christi got me a pair of flip flops with the words 'Just Married" carved out of the bottoms. They left super cool prints in the sand.

Then, it was back to our lounge chairs by the pool at the hotel. :)

Notice the 'just married' sunglasses. Another gift from Christi. :)

We went back to the front desk to ask to be relocated back to our old room on the ocean side. We missed the sound of the ocean. They asked if we would like to be upgraded to the top floor, which are the exact same rooms, but they have a balcony. We had been looking at these rooms from the beach with envy, so we were so excited!

Now that's living.

That night we went down to dinner and met up with two other couples we had met earlier that day. One couple was celebrating their 10th anniversary (and happened to be from Seattle - what are the odds?) and the other was celebrating their 37th anniversary (they were from Arkansas). Both couples said they wanted to buy us a drink when they found out we were on our honeymoon. Who were we to say no?

Well, those drinks turned into more drinks, then rounds of shots, and bottles of champagne. Even though we drank way too much and paid for it that night, we had so much fun!

Starting the night. Two-for-one drinks at happy hour.

Just getting started.

Tequila shots? Sure!

My self-timer camera at work.

Getting cozy with the bartender. Hey bartender - another round!

"King Tom" and Virginia, celebrating their 37th anniversary. Their key to long-lasting marriage? "Keep the wife happy." You see why I like them? :)

Kelly and Patrick celebrating their 10th anniversary. Patrick's tip to Joe: "Be prepared that you will never win another argument for as long as you live." Way to make marriage sound awesome, Patrick!

Am I wearing a swimsuit? Nope, those are just my burn lines. Sooo sexy.

Like I said, a TON of fun, but afterward, we stumbled upstairs, ordered room service to put some food in our stomachs and proceeded to be sick the rest of the night. But I think it was worth it!


  1. You totally need to play off your ghost picture as you standing out in the middle of the hurricane, calmly holding a glass of wine. That's necessary!

  2. You are brilliant! I wish I would have thought of that before posting! haha

  3. That cousin of yours gives great gifts! Totally love that "ghost" photo on the beach. Sounds like a great night and loved the photos.

    (off the subject: wondering why my avatar never appears on my comments here. hmmm.. .)

  4. Weird, your Avatar doesn't appear. Hm. Not sure why. My cousin definitely gives great gifts. She was so excited to see pictures afterward to see how they all were used. :)