Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hurricane Honeymoon: Tuesday Night

The one where I explain the title of these posts....

After dinner Tuesday night, we went back to our room only to find out that our keys no longer worked. When we asked the front desk about it, they told us that they had to move us from the ocean side of the hotel to the lagoon side of the hotel 'for our safety' because a hurricane was headed our way.

Let me back up a little. While we were laying on the beach that day, the whole staff all of sudden appeared and started clearing the beach of all the lounge chairs. There are a lot of chairs, and they even had the maids out there helping them clear them out.

Then they took down the pool bar - all the bottles of alcohol and the tent that covered the bar.

Then, we noticed that there were people up in the palm trees, cutting down palm branches and coconuts.

When we were headed to the bar for dinner that night, we looked into the restaurant and saw that they had boarded up each and every window. It was eerie.

This picture was taken a couple days later when they were starting to take the boards down. All those windows were boarded up originally.

So it didn't come as too much of a shock when we found out a hurricane was coming. We had actually been a little excited to be on the ocean side so we could watch what happened. We found out it was a Catagory 2 hurricane named Hurricane Paula, and we figured a Cat 2 wasn't going to be too bad, so we thought it would be fun to watch nature work.

But unfortunately, they moved us so we couldn't see anything on the ocean side.

I didn't hear anything all night, and Joe said he got up a couple times to look outside and although it was raining and there was some lightening, he said he didn't even see the trees moving, let alone the 100 mph winds we were supposed to see.


Even though it wasn't as bad as expected, we still take pleasure in saying we survived a hurricane.

A gift from my cousin, Christi.


  1. I'm a little nuts, but I love hurricanes. Before I sound like a terrible person, let me clarify - LITTLE hurricanes. Like, tropical storms. Living in Tampa Bay, Florida, we had some fun with them. It's super exciting, I bet even more so if you live in Washington!

  2. It was really exciting! We actually felt bad for being a little disappointed when it really turned out to be nothing at all. I bet you get to watch nature work a lot where you live!

  3. We always are concerned about hurricanes where I live but I've still never been in one and don't want to. Thunderstorms are plenty exciting enough for me :-) Love the gift from your cousin! How cute.

  4. @Kim - You are in North Carolina, right? I bet you do get a lot of action there. Being from Seattle, all we usually get is drizzle. Hardly even lightening.