Friday, October 29, 2010

Hurricane Honeymoon: Sunday

Sunday, October 17

Sunday was our last full day and (surprise surprise) we spent it relaxing on the beach!

I think these dinosaurs were Joe's favorite towel animals.

On our way home from Isla Mujeres the night before we saw this restaurant that looked good and was within walking distance from our hotel. So, for our last night, we decided to check it out.

Getting ready for our 'date'.

Wearing the dress my mom got me in Hawaii.

We opened our free champagne to get the night started.

I just love champagne. :)

We made it to the restaurant just in time for sunset. So gorgeous.

The restaurant was called JC Capitan and half of it was under cover and half was out over the water. We chose to sit out over the water and it was so nice. Seriously, the nicest restaurant I think I've ever been to. And so romantic!

We found out that they had a resident alligator that lived near the restaurant. The staff said he came every night and they fed him all the fish heads they had. After dinner we hung out waiting for him to show up, but we never saw him. They said he was 6 meters (18 feet!). We definitely wouldn't have missed him.

Apparently the whole lagoon was full of alligators. There were warnings posted all over. But we never saw a single one. Sad.

But it was still a perfect last night of our honeymoon. :)


  1. What a romantic sunset dinner! I have to admit I probably wouldn't have stuck around much after they admitted to feeding alligators... I have no interest in becoming dinner!

    Isn't the last night bittersweet?

  2. You probably have to deal with those type of dangers a lot where you live, huh? It was so unique to us. But I really think I would have peed my pants a little if we actually would have seen it.