Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hurricane Honeymoon: Thursday

Thursday, October 14th

We started out our morning out on our new deck with coffee and books.

Yes, I converted Joe to the dark side. He is the one reading Insomnia.

Then it was back to the beach. Do you see a pattern here? Seriously, all we did this whole trip was eat yummy food, drink fun drinks, and relax on the beach. I'm pretty sure we both gained 10 pounds.

*love* this picture

Ignacio was back and our new friends made the mistake of throwing him a fry. Ignacio looooves fries and he stalked them for the rest of the day. He even jumped up on Kelly's lounge chair, sending her bolting out of there and up to higher ground. It was pretty funny.

"Give me another fry, woman."

"Look how pretty I am..."

Then, WE ordered food, and Ignacio came to check out what we had to offer.

"Whatcho got mister?"

Checking us out.

After lunch we played in the ocean a little bit.

That's my husband, looking all handsome.

happy, happy

When we went back into our room, we got a knock at the door. There was room service, with complementary wine and chocolate covered strawberries. How nice is that?


Dinner at the hotel and back to our room for the night. Yep, like I said, there was a pattern to our days! Some may call it lame, we call it much needed!


  1. Ha! Ignacio looks like Ignacia... what a brave lizard!

    I could totally use a beach vacay right about now. Reading a book and listening to the waves crash, with a glass of wine and chocolate covered strawberries sounds like heaven.

  2. I think you spent your honeymoon just as you should! Love that iguana. I would have wanted to smuggle him home.

  3. @Brandi - It was much needed and you should definitely do it too!

    @Kim - I thought about adopting him, but figured my Ava would be jealous. haha