Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Her Prime at 59

Happy belated birthday to my mom, who turned 59 on October 25! I told her to live it up this year before she turns 'real old' and becomes 60. heehee

Since my mom was pet sitting in the Seattle area this week, I was able to take her out to dinner for her birthday, on her actual birthday (which hasn't happened in a long time!). Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures because I wasn't thinking, but here is one of my favorite pictures of us:

Living it up in Boston!

And another huge happy birthday to my aunt, my mom's sister, whose birthday is actually today! Happy birthday Kathy! Love you!


  1. Heather, can't believe you didn't get a photo! It's great that you were able to spend this birthday with your Mom. These are the kind of things in life that mean a lot. Happy Birthday to your mom and your aunt!

  2. I know! I take pictures of everything and I didn't get one photo. :( I blame it on being sick. But it was still a memorable evening.